Rat Pack in Concert

Revel in the days when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were the kings of Las Vegas in 1960. They lived and died the high life of booze, broads, and bright lights.

Dean Martin, with his highball and cigarette always firmly in hand, embodied the glorious excess of a world long gone, a world without rules or consequences. Sammy Davis Jr., often referred to as the world's greatest entertainer, was the multi-talented song and dance man who always presented a picture of total class. And, Frank Sinatra, through his movies, marriages and mafia connections, continually kept the boys in the headlines. He was, as they say, the undisputed "Chairman of the Board."

With a stellar cast of some of the finest performers in the business, including a surprise appearance by Marilyn Monroe, The Rat Pack in Concert has been hailed as the next best thing to seeing the original Rat Pack themselves.

Swing by for a fun-filled evening of great music, good fun and tom-foolery portrayed exactly like the originators did so many years ago.