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When I first started as an actor/singer performing as Frank Sinatra, I always had a goal of being endorsed by the Sinatra family. But as time went by, any show that was endorsed by Sinatra Enterprises all had one rule - no Sinatra impersonator. I believe that there is a very short list of adequate tributes to Frank Sinatra, however the family should consider looking at that opportunity much like Elvis Presley Enterprises. EPE has embraced tribute artists and have a short list of individuals who are recommended by the estate. They embraced tribute artists because 1) there is profit/money to me made and 2) it promotes and prolongs the legacy of an icon for future generations.

Jack Daniels Century Cruise

A special "Tribute to Sinatra" will be the culmination of Cunard themed cruises. Sinatra: The Ultimate Tribute Concert starring Brian Duprey is a must for Ol' Blue Eyes fans who want to relive his legendary music and style. This tribute to Sinatra treats guests to both listening, dancing and sing-a-long Sinatra music, plus a taste test of Jack Daniels Sinatra Century. A mere 100 barrels of this limited-edition marquee brand have been made.

Symphonic Sinatra

Sinatra: The Ultimate Tribute Concert starring Brian Duprey is the only authentic recreation of Frank Sinatra in concert with every look, move, mannerism, and speech matched with the closest Sinatra singing voice in the world today. "This has never been done at this level before in the Pops Symphony circuit. There may be a few people who perform a musical tribute to Sinatra, but I approach my show as an actor who transforms into Frank Sinatra, giving the audience a unique theatrical experience," says Duprey. "This is exactly what Sinatra fans have been waiting for!"


This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Frank Sinatra's birth on December 12, 2015. To this day, Frank Sinatra is still being played at virtually every wedding reception here and abroad. Sinatra's music conveys a celebratory feeling like "You've Made It!" It's the vintage meets modern theme that his music carries over the years. But instead of hiring a DJ playing a few Sinatra songs at your wedding, you can celebrate Sinatra at a whole new level. There's nothing that will wow guests more than having Brian Duprey perform at your wedding reception.

SINATRA: The Ultimate Tribute Concert - Best Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Brian Duprey proves why he is the quintessential Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist. From his early days taking voice lessons in New York City to his sold out theater performances.

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